i love you bella and u re always be mine ;)

Jan 13, 2010


wooww !
finally finally FINALLY !
am done my study,
result pun da kuwa
evything okay, thankful c;
otw to pract training at UNITAR unvrsity in KL jeer
cool yeah?

but lil bit NERVES okay, [dup dap dupdap]
bese la tuh en , nk p tmpat org HEH

i miss they all muchly ;)

* my clsmate
* my bestiestermate
* my rumate
* my songsangz family

then, i want cntinue my degree
insyaallah , if tade smthingz mghlang HUHU


guyz missing u all much much than MUCH

see ya on registration dayz.
gettin lil bit excited, woowww!
ta saba nk jmp dorg2 sume :))

byee~ C|;

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