i love you bella and u re always be mine ;)

Feb 23, 2010

this is just ain't right ..

sori am admit imy imy more ..
we meet ..
lepak pavi watching movie ;)
i remember all that thingz clearly bby ..
&& im stil lovin you
idk who i want to spoke bout diz feeling ..
sori ya ..
ya, you taken now ..
i knoe i knoe and i KNOE ;)
i shouldn't disturb ur reltion btween her ryte?
sokay bby ..
u miss me, imissyou ..
u love me, iloveyou so ..
but u dont knoe till when u syg b?
okay,then ..
what can i say ..
let it time judge it huun 
bby, u knoe why u miss me ..
but myb u never see it yet ..
oneday you will knoe why ..
i accept the fact u are not mine ..
thanks fer the memory .. :)

remember bby ,,

'' word by 'sori' never change clearly the thingz when u hurt a person '' , by paein 

btw thanks fer the explanation and honestly (texting)
is dffcult to you hum explain to b?
is like long journey waiting ur text ..
bby, surely i can always be with you if u taken so..
i can do it .
but hbu??
take care.
                                                                                             honestly from me ;) 

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