i love you bella and u re always be mine ;)

Sep 7, 2010

ohh buahh hatyy !! ;))) 
sharifah nabella syed nasir
mmuahx ! mmuahx ! mmuahx !
heheee :D
rinduuu awakk sgt sgt woohh ;[

happy 4th annivssary gurlfiee
i love youu so so muchhyy muchhyy muchyy (:
thx fr being my partner till noww
im trulyy happy with u with you with youu bella ;

im just wanna be with you forever
will u hun?
i miss u so muchh ;|
sorry i cant spend much time with youu now
but bella,,
i want u wait fr me ....
take a good care of urself alrght hunn?

ofa atu youu ;)

  syed paein <3


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